Fimblethwicke For iOS

Manuscript Formatter

Fimblethwicke is a fiction manuscript editor and formatter for iOS. Privacy Policy.

Plain Text

You write your manuscripts in plain text. Fimblethwicke formats your text into RTF manuscripts, PDF manuscripts, or EPUB ebooks.

Easy To Use

You do only the work you have to do: you provide the content. Fimblethwicke does the formatting for you. You do not need to know how to format manuscripts.


Fimblethwicke’s EPUB files can be read on any EPUB-capable reader, but they do not contain cover images and will therefore not be accepted by the major ebook vendors, such as iTunes. The EPUB format is intended for direct distribution to your readers via email or the web.

Character Set

When producing RTFs or PDFs, Fimblethwicke supports the Latin ranges of Unicode, which are sufficient to support languages that use alphabets derived from the Latin alphabet. When producing EPUB ebooks, Fimblethwicke supports all Unicode code points.

Clean PDFs

Fimblethwicke’s custom formatter creates PDFs with no extraneous metadata that can be used to identify you. Fimblethwicke embeds the Courier Prime typeface into PDFs.

Share Your Work

Fimblethwicke works with one persistent document at a time. You can:

Developer Supported

Fimblethwicke is the work of James Bailie. Contact me directly here.