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Fri, 21 Jan 2022 02:45:38 EST

The Light On The Roof

Right now, over the top edge of my monitor, through my window, I can see the top floors of office and apartment buildings in the distance. To the right, a new building stands four diagonal blocks away. On the top of this building, around the elevator house, a strong light irregularly brightens and dims after two to five seconds. There is no pattern to the timing of the illumination. The light has a slight golden hue similar to the light that emanates weakly from the windows of the apartments below. Judging by the stability of the light, it emanates from a fixed lighting fixture.

I have just observed (2:26AM) that the location of the light changes both horizontally and vertically, but when the light is on it is perfectly still. On two closer buildings, a single red warning light glows dimly on a mast antenna. The golden light would be red and in one location if it were a warning light. Is someone walking on the roof and triggering lights that are wired to a motion sensor? Is someone hosting a roof party? What about nocturnal birds? Are they moving around up there? Only one light is on at any one time. Because it appears above the edge of my monitor, the glow is annoying. Lately, I have become interested to know the purpose of the light. Because of the irregular timing, I cannot help but wonder if someone is signaling someone else. If so, I hope that someone else is not me. Is it a coincidence that the frequency of illumination has increased since I began writing this post?

If I had not slept earlier in the day, I would be fast asleep now. I would not have noticed the change of location of the light. I feel as if I were in the opening scenes of a thriller.

Thu, 20 Jan 2022 11:18:02 EST

My First World Problem

The ends of the shrink wrap on an English cucumber are sharp. When a wrapped cucumber rests in a full plastic grocery bag, the sharp ends are pressed against the bag and can cut it open. I’ve left cucumbers in the street. I’ve left cucumbers in the trunks of cars. I’ve left cucumbers in hallways.

Today, I almost left a cucumber in an elevator. It was a large cuke, and it made a thump when it landed on the mat. If the green meanie had chosen to exit the bag earlier, I may have not heard it land. I may have left the cuke in the foyer or the lobby.

I have narrowed down the origin of the problematic cukes to one particular grocery store, but I know that lodging a complaint about shrink wrapped cucumbers will only cast me in the role of a crank.

Wed, 19 Jan 2022 08:47:07 EST

The Miracle of Curly Fries

My mind says that there is no logical reason for curly fries to taste better than straight fries, but my mouth says otherwise.

Mon, 17 Jan 2022 11:22:00 EST

“Nauseous” And “Nauseated”

Something or someone naseous causes nausea. Someone nauseated experiences nausea. You are naseous only if you nauseate others. You are nauseated if you feel nausea.

Sun, 16 Jan 2022 15:22:01 EST

Well, I Guess It’s Not Going To Happen.

I’m triple-vaxed, and I haven’t developed super powers. I’ve tried every day (meaning daily as opposed to “everyday” meaning commonplace) to fly, and I can only manage about three feet before I am forced to land.


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