The Captain’s Log

Pontifications of The Great and Terrible Captain Cucamunga.

Sun, 11 Feb 2024 16:16:02 EST

There is no evidence for the existence of (space) aliens…

…let alone evidence that aliens visit Earth, abduct humans, and vivisect or impregnate them.

The argument that aliens must exist out there in the universe is also pure poppycock because the argument rests on an assumption for which there is no evidence. The assumption is that life is the inevitable by-product of the natural processes of an Earth-type planet, so if we find enough Earth-type planets, we will eventually find life.

Life on Earth is based on cells. We have no idea how cells came to be. We have no precursor forms. We are unaware of any bootstrap process. The only things simpler than cells are viruses, and they prey on cells. Viruses are not fully alive. They cannot reproduce on their own. That implies that cells and viruses evolved together or that cells came first.

Until we understand how cells and viruses came to exist, we cannot say how probable it is that life exists elsewhere.

And considering life on Earth, why would anyone want to contact aliens? If intelligent life exists on other planets and that life evolved in a manner similar to that by which life evolved here, then life there is likely to be as it is here, which is to say an endless life-and-death game in which organisms kill and consume each other to stay alive and reproduce. If the aliens have advanced technology and the psychology of psychopaths, then the Voyager spacecraft are invitations to come and farm us for food as we do with less intelligent creatures here on Earth.

I’m looking straight at you, NASA, JPL. WTF?

Update February 13th: If I’m wrong, and our future alien overlords read this post, I want to address them now. First, Hail Zarkon. Second, Neil “deLicious” Tyson wants you to eat him first.