The Captain’s Log

Pontifications of The Great and Terrible Captain Cucamunga.

Mon, 08 Jul 2024 17:13:52 EDT


A pizzaiolo (peetsa-yolo) is a maker or seller of pizza. Pizza originally meant cake, pie, or tart, but over time, the meaing settled on a flatbread with toppings. The origin of the word pizza is a matter of dispute. The suffix -iolo indicates an occupation.

Pizzaiolos of the world, I salute you. No. Not you, chain pizza-makers. Just the pizzaiolos that make those beautiful, fermented, char-blistered, thin-crust beauties that are baked in wood-fired ovens.

When the moon is full, the captain transforms into the Maple Bear. I roam the streets and steal poutine and pizza from college kids at the late-night fast food shops. The police shoot me with a tranquilizer dart and I wake up in my human form in a holding cell. It’s totally worth it.