Nellie For iOS

Screenplay Formatter

Nellie is a screenplay editor and formatter for iOS. There are lots of screenwriting apps for iOS, but Nellie is the simplest. Privacy Policy.

Plain Text

You write your screenplays in plain text. Nellie formats your screenplays into PDF files for US Letter size paper. Nellie supports Western European languages only.

Easy To Use

You do only the work you have to do: you provide the content. Nellie does the formatting for you. You do not even need to know how to format screenplays.

Clean PDFs

Nellie’s custom formatter creates PDFs with no extraneous metadata: no vanity messages from third-party software and no unique identifiers that can be used to identify you. Nellie embeds a subsetted version of the Open Source Courier Prime typeface into PDFs.

Write In Fountain

Nellie recognizes a restricted subset of the Fountain markup language. Nellie documents are understood by all Fountain-based editors and formatters, but Nellie itself does not recognize dual dialogue, lyrics, boneyard text, synopses, or outlines.

Unlike other Fountain processors, Nellie can automatically insert scene numbers, push act headings to new pages, and insert the word count and today’s date into title pages.

Share Your Work

Nellie works with one persistent document at a time. You can import and export your screenplays to and from your iCloud drive. You can include your screenplays in mail and text messages. You can pass your screenplays to others via AirDrop.

Developer Supported

Nellie is the work of James Bailie. Contact me directly here.